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RA-2 Ribbon Adapter Cable

Analogue Systems

  • $ 2495

Ribbon adapter cable for using an Analogue Systems modules with 2 A.S. sockets (rs95, rs95e, rs35, etc.) in a non-A.S. (Doepfer style) eurorack case. RA-2 ribbon adapter cable allow you to connect Analogue Systems eurorack modules with eurorack power supplies that do not include Analogue Systems sockets (Doepfer power supplies for example). The RA-2 accommodates Analogue Systems modules that have 2 power sockets at the module end (rs35, rs90, rs95 and rs95e to name a few). If your A.S. module has just 1 power socket at the module end, you can use the RA-1 ribbon adapter cable instead.

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