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RS-35 External Source Processor

Analogue Systems

  • $ 22995

IMPORTANT: Analogue Systems modules have their own power cable that may or may not be compatible with your eurorack case.  Click this link for an installation guide.

External Processor & Pitch to CV
  • 12 hp
  • 2.5 inches Depth
  • 25 mA +/-12V

The Analogue Systems RS-35 External Source Processor is an exceptionally accurate pitch to voltage converter. The RS-35 has two different types of outputs, plus an additional slew circuit. It accepts mic and line level inputs.

Output 1 is normal and output 2 is track and hold. The Envelope Follower section has an additional slew limiter. The trigger output section provides a means of firing envelope generators, clocking sequencers and a myriad of other applications.

The RS-35's built-in preamp makes it a one-stop solution for controlling an analogue synthesizer or modular with vocals, flutes, bass, electric guitar, violin, etc. played monophonically with precision.

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