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Clocked Delays for Z-DSP

Tiptop Audio

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Clocked Delays are a collection of eight stereo delay programs that let you sync delay time to an external clock applied to CV input two of the Z-DSP.

With a quick setup, the clock input easily and exactly synchronizes the delay repeats to external rhythms generated by the Trigger Riot, Circadian Rhythms, or other clock sources. A Divide parameter is included with each program to switch between different divisions of stereo rations creating a spatial audio clock divider which automatically matches the repeats to a playing beat. Feeding the clock input with odd clock divisions like from the Trigger Riot has the interesting effect of moving the repeats in relation to the playing beat.

When it comes to their sound, some of the programs feature pristine, classic delay lines, while other programs insert a colored band pass, low pass, or high pass filter in the feedback loop, imparting a beautiful harmonic transition to the repeats as they feedback through the filter and slowly decay away. Using the Z-DSP’s analog feedback path adds additional voltage controlled stereo feedback which can slightly drift the repeats out of their tight sync to the incoming clock due to the DSP chip latency, and also extend the delay tail intensity up to self-oscillation. Controlling the Z-DSP’s DSP chip speed externally via the Clock jack can devolve everything into glitchy, out of sync, binary chaos. 

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