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VCF-02 Filter


  • $ 69900

The Schippmann VCF02 eurorack-format voltage-controlled multimode filter features:

  • 121 different filter modes (27 low pass, 18 high pass, 13 band pass, 63 all pass/notch/phaser settings).
  • Super warm, crystal clear and very musical sound with a lot of saturation possible.
  • Input drive-led and output clip-led!
  • Total remote control of all filter types via control voltage.
  • 4x simultaneous true ring modulation effects (filter tap output x -1/+1 rectangle extraction).
  • 3 new (and never seen before) parameters: emphasis, 2nd harmonic distortion and drop make this filter absolutely unique.
  • 13 cv inputs for filter mode/cutoff frequency/resonance-emphasis/2nd harmonic distortion means lots of control.
  • 2 audio inputs with +20 db gain boost and phase reverse.

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