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The Eventide H7600 is a highly programmable, stereo, digital signal processor. Nearly 1,000 presets cover the entire gamut of signal processing, from lush reverbs, to choruses, flanges, delays, pitch shifters, dynamics, EQs, to filters, distortions, synthesizers, samplers and everything in between. The unit houses a single signal processor, delivering an unprecedented number of preset algorithms and processing power to musicians, producers and post-production professionals.

For the users who are interested in making their own programs, the H7600 continues Eventide's "modular programming paradigm." Programs are composed of individual building blocks, or "modules" and with the open architecture of the unit, the users are able to create their own original programs. Connectivity includes AES/EBU, S/PDIF and word clock digital I/O, two channels of analog I/O via XLR and two channels of Hi-Z inputs for connecting instruments.

  • 1,000 stunning programs that cover all audio processing categories
  • Includes UltraShifter, a natural-sounding, formant-corrected pitch changer, optimized for voice, which also provides automatic pitch correction
  • 174 second mono sampler, or 87 seconds of phase-locked stereo with advanced looping, editing and layering capabilities
  • Post-production and broadcast programs provide scores of different audio environments
  • Includes twenty MIDI Virtual Rack presets that feature up to five full effects ganged together. Each preset offers ten different editable parameters which can be programmed, stored and controlled in real-time via MIDI

  • AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs and S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs
  • Two analog inputs and outputs
  • Very comprehensive routing capabilities for controlling the I/O

  • Pristine analog with a signal to noise ratio of better than 105dB
  • MIDI, BPM and Tap Tempo lock effects in time with the beat
  • Comprehensive search engine functionality for easier preset sorting
  • Complex editing simplified with "Building-Block Effects Architecture"
  • Includes VSIG and VSIG-X graphic editor/development tools
  • Ethernet-like jack for use with Eve/Net remote controllers

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