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For musicians & performers, interactive installations, museums, or meta-instruments, Eobody3 USB 8 Sensorbox is a plug&play versatile solution to use new controls, to trigger and modulate sounds and videos, to create new sensor-based instruments with no computer programming background. Its internal signal processing has been especially developped for music and video applications. And if you want to go further into the signal processing control, a PC, Mac compatible Eobody3 Editor enables to adjust internal process parameters and shape the outcoming signal waveform (status/analogue zoom/digital zoom & offset/inverse/lag processor/gate/ note on/off/new waveshaper). These settings can be stored in Sensorbox non-volatile memory! Itメs now possible to store an entire installation or performance setup inside a Sensorbox and save it for a future use. High-speed USB enables to reduce significantly the latency. A 32-bit resolution avoids ムscale effectsメ and allows a nearly linear conversion curve. Sensorboxes can be plugged directly to the USB in of your computer or thru a USB hub if you want to plug more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Eobody3 has a more powerful 32-bit IC, which enables more pre-processing and more pre-mapping.
  • New waveshaper pre-processing tool
  • 8 inputs
  • New internal architecture opened to other protocols
  • Eobody3 USB 8 Sensorbox is compatible with all MIDI software
  • No MIDI interface needed
  • Pre-configured
  • Reconfigurable
  • Internal Signal Process to get the best results for your application
  • Input type: 0-5V, Eowave compatible sensor (jack 6,35メメ)
  • Number of inputs: 8 per Sensorbox
  • Number of Sensorbox you can plug: as many as your computer (or USB hub) can host
  • Input resolution: up to 32 bit
  • Input Sample rate: 12 bit
  • Output: USB
  • Hi-speed USB
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Eobody Editor is PC and Mac compatible
  • Max collective files also available
  • Self-powered by USB or externally powered
  • Internal processing parameters: status/analogue zoom/digital zoom & offset/inverse/ lag processor/gate/note on/off/ message format types: Control change 7 bits/Control change 12 bits/Note on Trigger/Program change/Pitch bend real 12 bits/Pitch bend mapped 14 bits/ Monophonic aftertouch/new waveshaper
  • Pre mappings per sensor types
  • Possibility of upgrade from 8 inputs to 16 inputs
  • Enclosure ABS black 12x12x6 cm

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