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808 Eurorack Drum System Sequence Starter

Big City Music

  • $ 1,34900

This system does not come assembled. It includes the following products

1x Mantis eurorack case with busboard and power supply. This case has two rows of 104hp each, 208hp total

1x Winter Modular Eloquencer, Silver Faceplate, 38hp

1x Tiptop Audio SD808 TR-808 Snare Drum, Silver faceplate, 4hp

1x Tiptop Audio HATS808 TR-808 Hi-Hats, Silver faceplate, 8hp

1x Tiptop Audio CB808 TR-808 Cowbell, Silver faceplate, 4hp

1x Tiptop Audio RS808 TR-808 Rimshot, Silver faceplate, 4hp

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