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Rotating Clock Divider module


  • $ 17900

The 4ms Pedals Rotating Clock Divider is a eurorack pulse divider capable of dividing an incoming clock source by 2-64. Depending on the user-selectable jumper setting on the back, (breakout panel coming soon), you have several options. The divider can run freely or be set to reset at 8,16, 32, and 64 clock pulses. This gives you the ability to make some truly great rhythmic sequences and stay in time with common time signatures.

The jack at the top left allows you to "rotate" each division down one jack or more, ie 2 to 3, 3 to 7 etc... Hence the "rotating" clock divider. Send this input an LFO or sequencer track and get even more awesome variations. There is also a reset in jack for externally reset the divider to "zero".

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