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Shuffling Clock Multiplier


  • $ 17900

The 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier is the perfect counterpart to the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider. Prepare to wield one of the sharpest tools available in the Eurorack format.

While the RCD divides, the SCM multiplies and then some. The SCM starts by giving you straight and shuffled multiples of your original clock tempo. An "S" next to a number denotes a shuffled output. The rotate function is also available, allowing you to relocate the divided outputs to other jacks. This can be controlled via modulation sources like an LFO or sequencer track to give you more happy accident rhythms than you handle.

The "Slip" function allows you to drop out pseudo-random clock output pulses. This is done via a control voltage input and could also be sequenced. Paired with the RCD, the SCM will literally run circles around your music. The pulse outputs could trigger envelope generators or open VCA's and low pass gates directly. Incredible variations on a theme can also explode with the use of even a simple sequencer.

Although the RCD breakout panel is still in development, the SCM will have a pluggy cohort sometime soon. The breakout panel will allow you to control the shuffle amount and decide how many clocks will be shuffled via knob or CV. You will also have control of the pulse width output which can come in handy an high speeds.

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