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Wiard Borg 1 Filter module (demo)

Malekko Heavy Industry

  • $ 22500

The Wiard designed, Malekko built Borg 1 is based on the original design of the Wiard 300 series Borg filter module. The Borg can act as a lowpass gate, VCA or multimode filter with low and highpass modes. A lowpass gate is a cross between a resonant lowpass filter and a VCA. When you hit the control input with a short pulse from an envelope generator you get this beautiful, natural sounding decay. This is great for percussion and drum tones in general as well as super snappy basses and plunky melodies. This module does the Buchla bongo sound very well (probably because it's based on the original design by Don Buchla!).

The Borg also has a morphing mode function that can take you from lowpass filter to highpass with the turn of a knob. Highpass mode sounds clear and brilliant and the Borg is one of the quietest filters available in the eurorack format. There are two audio inputs and two audio outputs. There are also two control voltage inputs. One has an attenuator, "control", and the other is scaled to 1v/oct, "key in", but isn't perfect. That's because there are vactrols that make it sound extra juicy! The Borg is also great for bass tones. With it's massive amount of thundering resonance, the Borg can add some very usable low end for your bass patches. And if that's not enough there's a jumper that you can remove on the back giving you even more screaming resonance. This is a fantastically diverse module and a favorite here at BCM. The Borg 1 has white Serge-style knobs.

The Borg 1 has different vactrol components than the Borg 2. When clicked out of VCA mode the Borg 1 has even faster decay times. VCA mode has more bleed through and the resonance isn't quite as ripping as the Borg 2. If the Borg 2 isn't quick enough for you try this one!

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