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BASS BULLY (Green) Extra Hot!

Dirty Boy

  • $ 52499

Dirty Boy BASS BULLY (Green) Extra Hot!

Okay all you bass players who like their boost extra hot, Alex has not forgotten about you! There seemed to be a hole in the marketplace in regards to effects for bass players (just like at one time there wasn't much available for left-handed players). Hence, Alex created the BASS BULLY! This green extra hot version rocks for guitar too!

To start, the Bass Bully has an EQ circuit which is far superior to the circuit found in most bass guitars. Most basses have a capacitor to ground for tone control. The Bass Bully EQ is based on a blend of capacitance, and that alone is worth the cost of admission.

The first position on the pedal is a Boost feature. It does just what you'd expect, it boosts your signal and adds a GLOW to your sound. This circuit is based on an INDUCTOR circuit like you find in the finest wah pedals. It is very cool (also worth the cost of admission).

The second position is a simple Fuzz. It is incredibly smooth and actually amazing since most of you know how difficult is is to fuzz a bass signal. Bass players have been forced to use guitar pedals - until now!

The third position is like using 2 pedals in one. One is the Bass Boost, the other the Bass Fuzz. They are wired in series so the signal will go through the boost before getting to the fuzz, and you can blend the two. Why add a boost and a fuzz you ask? Well if you want that totally over the top, farty 60's Sly and the Family Stone sound, there it is!... You will have tons of fun with this pedal and it is beyond belief in the studio.

Dirty Boy pedals are being used by many high profile guitar players. Alex decided not to list their names since he did not seek their endorsement, nor did he discount the pedals. Plus, it is a matter of respecting their privacy.

The Bass Bully is true Bypass. There is a socket for a 9-volt wall wart and it also has an LED.

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