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Black Sheep

Dirty Boy

  • $ 44900

This is a silicon based pedal with a built in booster. Some people will call it a Fuzz while others will call it a Cruncher.

This is a sound that Dirty Boy has not offered before. It is very powerful and probably the loudest pedal.

The Acceptance switch determines how much input you are willing to introduce in it, while the level determines how much output you want to assign. The frequency selector is self explanatory. The " Blitz " mode which is controlled by the right switch puts the pedal in total overdrive. The beauty of it is that you can accentuate notes at will while you are soloing or simply go for it with a wall of sound. You will be amazed on how you can get note definition in the Blitz mode. Because the pedal is so powerful, you can actually reduce the volume on the guitar, and instead of the pedal shutting down, it simply cleans up simultaneously, something that none of my other pedals do. You will discover just how much you can do with that pedal, but I recommend you start by checking out the video and listening to the sound clip as well.

Black Sheep

The Black Sheep soundclip was created using a Black Face Fender Twin, an early 60's SG Jr. with a P-90 pickup. All the other guitar sounds are coming from the " Black Sheep " pedal in various settings, there are no other sound effects.

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