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Blooper - Bottomless Looper Pedal

Blooper - Bottomless Looper Pedal

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The Chase Bliss Blooper Bottomless Looper combines high-quality looping with creative manipulation to give you infinite possibilities. Record and save up to eight layers of loops in three distinct modes. Tinker with your tone using two dedicated modifier inputs or the built-in lo-fi stability control. Whether you’re performing live on stage or tracking in studio, Blooper has everything you need to take your creativity to new heights and bottomless depths.


Blooper features three modes, enabling different styles of looping. In Normal mode, Blooper behaves like a “standard” looper, with the modifier and stability controls acting as post-processing effects for clean and simple overdubs. In Additive mode, overdubbing while a modifier or stability is active will imprint the effect on the loop.

In Sampler mode, you can record and manually trigger samples, rather than looping. Sampler mode also offers the ability to record traditional loops. However, each time you record, the previous loop is replaced by a new one, making this setting ideal for creating stutters or fast, performative looping.


With six knobs, four switches and two push-buttons, Blooper gives you total control over every aspect of your sound. The Volume or Ramp knob primarily controls loop volume, but can also be used to modify the Layers, Repeats, Mod A, Stability, and Mod B settings. The Ramp settings can be set to modulate or ramp-and-hold using the 16 dedicated dip switches on the back of the pedal.

The Layers knob lets you navigate through the different layers you’ve recorded and even acts as an undo/redo control. This can be a quick way to remove mistakes, but it’s also a flexible tool for performing your loops.

The Repeats knob enables you to have layers gradually fade away, at a speed of your choosing. This setting makes it easy to slowly fade out a loop, or quickly cut a loop to transition to a new section of a song.


Blooper has two channels of modifiers, activated by buttons on the bottom of the pedal. These buttons can be used as a momentary effect by holding them down, or standard on / off with a quicker press.

The Mod A knob controls the A channel of Blooper’s selectable modifiers 1, 2 and 3, although the exact function changes depending on the mode. The Mod B knob controls Blooper’s selectable modifiers 4, 5 and 6. Finally, the Stability control introduces a vintage analog vibe that utilizes Wow, Flutter, Noise, and Filtering effects—perfect for gradually wearing out your loop over time.

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