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Dirty Boy

  • $ 41999


The Cannibal Boy pedal is a very accurate and very flexible sustain pedal. Unlike the square wave fuzz, this is based on sine wave clipping. You have a frequency selector and also a tone control. This pedal utilizes 3 germanium transistors for the softest clipping available. This is a pedal that will best suit the recording artist that needs to have a solo "sit" in a track. A true professional instrument.

Alex builds the Cannibal Boy with Germanium transistors that are about 40 years old and have smooth clipping, not with silicon transistors that have a tendency to sound like razor blades.

Of course, there are a very limited quantity of those transistors so you may want to take this into consideration when ordering. This pedal has been hugely popular with L.A. based studio musicians as well as Emmy winning producers.

It is also great for live performances.

Dirty Boy pedals are being used by many high profile guitar players. Alex chose not to list their names since he did not seek their endorsement nor did he discount the pedals. Also, it is a matter of respecting their privacy.

These are true Bypass and have an insert for a 9-volt wall wart and have an LED as well for instant recognition.

1. Cannibal Boy

2. Cannibal Boy Position 1 Bright/Dark

3. Cannibal Boy Position 1 Dark/Bright

4. Cannibal Boy Position 1 Full Bass

5. Cannibal Boy Position 4

6. Cannibal Boy Position 5

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