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Crucible Fuzz Ge

Euthymia Electronics

  • $ 13595

After the wonderful success of the original Crucible Fuzz (Si), Euthymia decided to expand the line to include a model based on germanium transistors. As with the original, Euthymia wasn't interested in exactly duplicating the sound of vintage devices. They were more interested in coming up with something that goes beyond the old stuff.

The Crucible Fuzz Ge is a germanium version of the Crucible Fuzz Si. The very high gain of the NPN transistors in the Crucible Fuzz is a big part of its magic, so Euthymia needed some great sounding high-gain transistors. They found 600 new-old-stock AC187/01's. After weeks of gain testing, listening, resistor value adjusting, and more listening, Euthymia came up with a recipe that sounds incredible.

The Crucible Fuzz Ge has a germanium sound to it, but it is not designed to sound like other germanium pedals. It has loads of gain & fuzz and as with the Si you can use it to produce controlled feedback at very low volume levels.

For the techies, this pedal uses a pair of hand-selected NOS AC187/01 high gain NPN transistors. The bias and volume resistors are tuned (by selection, not trimpots) for optimum performance in each unit. Euthymia sets them up at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and like all germanium devices, their gain will increase with warmer temperatures and decrease with lower ones. This is an inherent behavior of germanium-based fuzzes. If you want a great sounding fuzz that is also temperature solid, the original Crucible Fuzz (Si) is for you.

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