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Dirty Wah (Green)

Dirty Boy

  • $ 41250

The GREEN Dirty Wah is a very Vintage sounding pedal.
Extremely smooth and pleasant sounding.
Dirty Boy uses an I-car Super Swell pot which means that the Q point is very narrow.
It seems to be what the modern player wants, so they can quickly address the Vowel sound.
Fasel inductor.
Slightly lighter in weight than a Cry Baby which makes it gig bag friendly.
The Neon color also makes it exciting and visible on stage rather then the boring black or chrome. Dirty Boy has developed a 3-point frequency selector switch which only affects the Highs and allows a choice, whereas in the past players had to open the enclosure and adjust the pot if they desired to favor highs or lows.

The RED one is a different circuit.
It greatly accentuates the VOWEL sound.
Geared for Rock or Metal players.
Quick swell pot and selector switch.
Select six different frequencies for the input and three frequencies for the output.

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