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Double Overdrive and Distortion

ToneCandy Effects

  • $ 29500


A very transparent overdrive and distortion guitar pedal designed specifically for tube amplifiers that retains the sound and characteristics of your amp. It produces a sweet singing Medium Boost tone, and a fat highly overdriven Maximum Boost tone, even at lower volume levels. It also does not lose its bottom and tone at lower volume settings. Your neighbors and nightclub managers won't yell at you anymore to turn it down. You can get just the tone you want at any volume.
  • Fat-4 Switch - A 4-way rotary switch that selects 4 different degrees of low-end fatness. This dials the pedal into your guitar and amp setup. It selects 4 different input tones to compensate for the guitar pickup and the amp/speaker cabinet combination that is being used
  • Volume and Tone Controls - Controls the overall volume and tone without loosing fatness when at lower volume
  • Med/Max Foot Switch - Selects Medium Boost (right side green LED) or Maximum Boost (left side red LED)
  • On/Off Foot Switch - True bypass with independent LED circuit that is not in the signal path
  • Power - 9-volt DC battery or input jack 2.1mm
  • Top Quality Parts - Metal case, metal Switchcraft jacks, and metal potentiometers. Almost bullet proof
  • Amp Like Sensitivity - All ToneCandy pedals have amp like touch sensitivity and they clean up when you turn down your guitar volume control
  • Hand Crafted - Each pedal is hand soldered with pre-tested top quality components for long lasting durability. No machines are used in the assembly process and every step of construction is inspected thoroughly
The pedal circuit is a 3 stage class A analog preamp using discrete components. There are no digital chips or opamps in this circuit. I use top quality FET transistors, capacitors and resistors to shape the tone for each preamp stage. I promise that this is not another modified Tubescreamer clone or a fuzztone.

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