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Etherwave Theremin Kit


  • $ 43900

If you know how to solder, this kit is not difficult to put together. Once assembled, your Etherwave Theremin is of the same high quality as Bob Moog's early designs from the '50's and '60's. It features high-quality 3/8" nickel-plated brass antennas and an unfinished hardwood cabinet. The Moog Etherwave really puts the imitators to shame.

The Etherwave has an enormous pitch range so that you can shake the room or play notes that Celine Dion would have a hard time following. The sleak black cabinet mounts on top of any mic stand. You can plug it into your stereo, mixer, or guitar amp. The Etherwave comes complete with two video tutorials on one DVD: Clara Rockmore: the Greatest Theremin Virtuosa, and Mastering the Theremin, featuring Lydia Kavina.

Whether you are a musician or a hobbyist, you will love the Etherwave Theremin!

Please note: There are no returns on Etherwave Theremin kits.
    • Classic shape nickel-plated 3/8" brass antennas
    • Volume, Pitch, Waveform & Brightness controls
    • Unfinished hardwood cabinet
    • Pre-assembled and tested circuit board
    • Complete Videos on DVD
    • Bob Moog design

      Listen to these amazing Theremin sound clips:

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

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