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rs15 (6U) eurorack case w/ power

Analogue Systems

  • $ 58900

The rs15 is a custom-built aluminum case whose quality is clearly superior to other brands at a similar price. The rs15 is a 6-U, 168hp (2 rows of 84hp) case.

The robust power supply in Analogue Systems' latest version rs15 is of the highest quality. It boasts a full 1.5 amp (1500mA) capacity. +5 volt rails are standard, so when using modules with LCD screens, such as the rs370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator module, you are good to go! Nothing needs to be added; no extra money needs to be spent. Both Analogue Systems and Doepfer-style sockets are included: 14 Analogue Systems sockets and 8 Doepfer-style sockets.

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