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Dirty Boy

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Dirty Boy pedals are designed and built by Alex Saraceno, Blues Saraceno's father. Here is a word from Alex:

"This pedal has probably taken more time to perfect then any other one so far."

"It is actually a full on psychedelia thing. Totally reminescent of the early 60's bands. Imagine 2 totally separate sounding transistors and a blend pot between them. You can use transistor 1 or transistor 2 or blend them. Now we put a frequency selector in the front and we call it the master tone... At the output of each of those transistors we once again put a separate frequency selector. Mathematically that is 216 separate positions and were you to assume that there are 6 detents in each the volume and the blend pots, you would have then 7776 different combinations ( although I am sure there are some crossovers in there ) my point being that it is a total FACTORY of sound."

"One of the selling points of this pedal is that it is both a LIVE pedal as well as a STUDIO pedal. Once you find your favorite frequency setting, you mark it or remember it, and live that is the position that you would use as not to confuse anything. In the studio, where you have time to adjust, then you experiment and will find out that it is full of HAPPY ACCIDENTS. As far as the sound, it is much narrower then a wild fuzz since the clean signal is re-introduced into the path ( or so it sounds like ) and the notes are more controllable and defined. It also sounds kinda like a synthesizer or maybe like a weird sounding Kazoo but very cool. It can be totally over the top or totally mosquito'y."

"Dirty Boy pedals are being used by many high profile guitar players. I chose not to list their names since I did not seek their endorsement nor did I discount the pedals. And, I value their privacy. I am hoping you will take my word for it."

"These are true Bypass and have an insert for a 9-volt wall wart and have an LED as well for instant recognition."

1. Fuzzy 1

2. Dark Fuzzy

3. Dark Heavy

4. Psychedelic

5. Variety

6. Mosquito Fuzz

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