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MWFX Pedals

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The Glitch pedal was created whilst experimenting with a slightly outdated 1970's IC attempting to read a guitar note. The highly sensitive input produced an array of glitching sounds and odd noises that can be mixed with the guitar note or used to switch it on and off with a basic MOSFET VCA.

There are three controls for changing the way that the chip reacts. The Confusion control allows more overtones and treble into the gate of the chip and a more complicated waveform for it to read, resulting in wilder errors. These sounds are then varied by a Glitch control, for varying the overall sound, and Lock up Control which varies how fast it retries to 'lock on' to the note.

At the top of the pedal, an subtractive/additive (-/+) control determines whether the glitches are used to modulate the clean signal or simply added to the output. The extent of the effect is then varied by the Depth.

With all the lower controls turned down it tracks the note mono-phonically but accurately for an extreme octave up/frequency multiplier sound. The chicken head rotary switch then selects whether it is 1-5 octaves above the original guitar note. The way this sound is implemented greatly depends on the -/+ position and depth, going from moderately clean and realistic to completely synthetic.

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