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Euthymia Electronics

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You may have heard that for a period of time in the 1970メs, Electro-Harmonix changed the circuit of their legendary Big Muff Pi* from one based on discrete transistors to one based on integrated circuit opamps (operational amplifiers). This is true.

Eric Miller, the designer of the ICBM, fell in love with sound of his friend's opamp-style Big Muff Pi back in 1983. When he subsequently bought a Big Muff of his own he noticed that it sounded different than his friendメs. He opened the cases and found that his friend's Big Muff had a pair of integrated circuits in it, where his had transistors. That explained the distinct difference in sound.

Over the next 20 years, Eric never again encountered a Big Muff Pi made with opamps. Mike Matthews of E-H went out of business a couple of times, then got into the vacuum tube business, started making Big Muffs again, and finally launched a new Electro-Harmonix with a mix of historical E-H effects along with some new ones. But still, no opamp Big Muff Pi.

This inspired Eric to build one himself. He found information about the opamp-style Big Muff on the internet and tried using the information to reproduce the magic. That didnメt work. He finally got his hands on an actual vintage unit and sat down with it to learn its secrets. This worked! Once again he heard that immense yowl that only an opamp-based Big Muff circuit makes.

Unlike the vintage opamp Big Muff, the ICBM has true bypass switching, a fiberglass printed circuit board and a cast aluminum case. Sweet!

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