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Iron Lung Vocoder


  • $ 14475


Built around the finest aspects of the V256 vocoder, the Iron Lung is the baby brother housed in EH's smallest, die-cast chassis.

The Iron Lung uses the highest resolution of 256 bands to deliver defined vocoder performance while EH's famous "Gender Bender" control lets you adjust a male to female emphasis that delivers numerous and exacting possibilities at the turn of a knob. An XLR input allows your microphone of choice to be used with 3 independent gain controls. To round it out, the tone control integrates with the Gender Bender to refine the tone to exactly where you want it to be. Use a guitar or keyboard for polyphonic delivery.

One of the truly classic instruments from the past made available to every musician at an amazingly affordable price!

Technical Specs:
  • A/D and D/A Conversion Sample Rate = 71.5 kHz
  • A/D and D/A Conversion Bit Resolution = 24 bits
  • Current Draw = 150 mA @ 9VDC

The EHX Iron Lung uses a standard 9 volt with negative center wall wart (supplied)

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