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MWFX Pedals

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The Judder is a momentary sampler/repeater which loops audio at the push of a momentary switch. This is done by constantly recording your signal in the background,and routing this recording to the output as an impromptu loop.

The effect was originally designed in 2009 to simply repeat short samples of 10-200ms and still acts in much the same way, except with a few extra settings for triggering the effect and a lo-fi long repeat mode.

The main foot switch is a soft touch momentary action, so that it can easily be tapped to produce short interludes of the effect. When the effect is engaged the guitar signal can be set to be simultaneously muted for a mechanical vibration type effect, or put into a sound on sound mode to produce instant sampled pads, and gated reverb type holds. The echo can also be switched off, so depending on how the fully analogue dry signal mix is set, it will act as a momentary boost or killswitch.

The footswitch can also be put under control of an automatic switching system, so that it is triggered/ducked by the sound of your guitar/audio input, or switched by a pulsing LFO. This allows for gating effects, or a different kind of sample and hold. Because it is done with analogue technology, the sample will change in pitch if the length is altered. To take advantage of this the envelope and LFO functions can be assigned to vary the pitch.

This version of the pedal includes: Range switch, Dry mix, Layering/Sound on Sound, Mute/Killswitch, true mechanical bypass and expression pedal input to control the Rate. There is also an opion to invert the response of the footswitch from press to record (on/off) to press to repeat (off/on).

It should be noted that this is a echo chip style repeater and at longer rates and holds the echo becomes increasingly lo-fi and noisy. The chip inside has been toyed with to enable the user to slow it right down to a point where you can hear the individual clicks and beeps that constitute the sound memory. So it is good as an instrument for making glitchy riffs but also a means for making old school sound effects.

Powered via 9v negative centre 2.1mm power socket (psu not included).

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