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Cosmetic Condition - Near Mint. Super clean.

The Roland Juno-60 is a single-oscillator analog synthesizer, featuring a high-pass filter, a low-pass filter, a single ADSR envelope and a single LFO.
Many polyphonic synthesizers contained two oscillators, so to make up for the single oscillator, Roland implemented an onboard chorus effect as well as a high-pass filter that would boost the bass level in its lowest position. The chorus effect is engaged using two push buttons which give slow modulation rates of 0.4 Hz and 0.6 Hz. Additionally, the two buttons can be engaged simultaneously to create an even stronger chorus effect. Although regarded as noisy, the Juno chorus effect is considered a signature feature of the Juno-60. It was based around bucket brigade designs from the 70s, such as those in the Roland DC-50 “Digital Chorus” effect unit from 1976 and uses two identical circuits incorporating two ICs (MN3009 and MN3101).

"We used a one-oscillator design for the JUNO series to reduce its price, but its sound naturally ended up being thinner than say the JUPITER-8 or JX-3P, which used two oscillators. So our main priority in developing the JUNO series was to produce thick and dense sounds with just one oscillator. To this end, we employed a variety of strategies, such as adding a chorus function and boosting the lows when the high-pass filter was not being applied. So the flat setting is actually just one increment up from zero on the high-pass filter."

— Hideki Izuchi, engineer at Roland Corporation

Technical Specifications:

Polyphony - 6 voices
Timbrality - Monotimbral
Oscillator - 1 DCO per voice (pulse, saw, square)
LFO - triangle
Synthesis type - Analog Subtractive
Filter - Analog 24dB/oct resonant, low-pass, non-resonant high-pass
Attenuator - 1 ADSR envelope generator
Storage memory - 56 patches
Effects - Chorus
Keyboard - 61 keys
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