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Korg Rhythm 55B (KR-55B), Excellent

Korg Rhythm 55B (KR-55B), Excellent

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The KR55 was, for its time (1979), an advanced preset rhythm drum machine with up to 96 preset rhythm patterns! These patterns cover the whole gamut of presets (Waltz, Samba, Rhumba, Bossa Nova, Tango, Slow Rock, Swing, Rock, etc.). The KR55 also featured a "swing beat" control to add a variation to the groove. Each drum sound's level can be individually adjusted for each pattern. It can also be externally controlled via footswitch jack for the Start/Stop and Intro/Fill switches. The KR55B was a black-chassis version released a few years later in 1982 with twice as many rhythm patterns. It has been used by Jean-Michel Jarre, Trio, and Depeche Mode.


Main panel features 9 knobs, 16 push buttons, 3 bank selectors, 2 buttons and a lever switch for swing function.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- signal out at impedance high / low
- start / stop footswitch input for KORG S-2 (dual footswitch)
- fill-in footswitch input
- jack for trigger out pulses at +5V.

SOUND system manages 6 analog voices with mix level.
The Rhythm 55 "classic" generates 10 analog percussive instruments:

SEQUENCER there is just a minimal control on te 16 patterns available with a few options: TEMPO, INTRO FILLS or SWING. The swing function should be used only for Jazzy rhythms, on other patterns it acts weird creating a wobbling effect.

SYNC the trigger Out can sync other devices, and the nearby switches sets 1 of the 5 Tempo available dividers including: Kick drum / whole note / 4th / 8th / 16th.


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