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Little Phatty - Redback Edition with CV out


  • $ 1,47500

The Little Phatty with VENOM (and CV)!

The Little Phatty Redback Edition is a specially designed for the Australian outback. Inspired by the Redback spider, it boasts a unique Redback colour scheme featuring black side panels, flashing red pitch and mod wheels (synced to the LFO) along with custom red LEDs!

Good looks arenメt enough to survive in the Australian Outback. In addition to classic Moog sound and design, this Little Phatty features a powerful CV (Control Voltage) output section that transforms it into the heart of a portable modular synthesis system. Use it to control Moogerfoogers and other analog gear.

The five 1/4" analog CV outputs include:
  • Gate (O to +5V)
  • Pitch (1 volt per octave)
  • Volume Envelope (0 to 5 Volts)
  • Filter Envelope (O to 5 Volts)
  • Mod Bus (Variable)
Sculpt Pitch/Volume envelopes CVs on the front panel by tweaking attack, decay, sustain and release parameters.
Send the Mod Bus sources (Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, sample & hold LFOs and Oscillator 2) to bring new life to other analog gear.

Use the Pitch CV output of an arpeggiating Little Phatty like an analog step-sequencer.

Combined with the standard Little Phatty CV inputs (Pitch, Volume, Filter and Gate), MIDI Clock Sync and MIDI-over-USB, the list of possible applications is as endless as your imagination.

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