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Moog 16 Channel Vocoder

Moog 16 Channel Vocoder

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The Moog Factory in Asheville, NC has resumed production of the highly sought-after Moog 16 Channel Vocoder, an instrument which continuously analyzes the timbral characteristics of one sound (Program) and impresses these timbral characteristics upon a second signal (Carrier) Originally introduced in 1978, and famously heard on Giorgio Moroder’s E=MC 2 , this model has been used to transmute vocals, transform synthesizers, and electronically encode sound for
over 40 years.

Moog Music has gone to great lengths to ensure that this distinct electronic voice carries on. Derived from the original vintage schematic, the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder’s analog voice circuits are hand-soldered at the employee-owned Moog Factory in Asheville, NC to preserve that classic 1978 sound. Updated mechanical connectors and a modern power supply improve reliability and long-term serviceability while ensuring that the analog soul of this instrument—and its unique character and idiosyncrasies—remains unchanged.

16 Bands
The Moog 16 Channel Vocoder offers 16 patchable bands ranging from 50 to
5,080 Hz for optimal encoding of the fundamental spectral characteristics of the
human voice. In addition, a selectable DIRECT mode passes an additional high
frequency channel (above 5,080 Hz) to the vocoder output for a greater degree
of vocal intelligibility. While traditionally associated with vocal effects, the Moog
16 Channel Vocoder’s ultra fast response time makes it additionally useful for
capturing the fast transients of percussive sounds.

Sample & Hold
When you articulate a sound and press the Sample/Hold switch, the tonal
characteristics of that sound will be held until the switch is returned to the out
position. This function is particularly useful in creating sustained vocal phrases
without pausing for breath and can be controlled via remote footswitch.

External Patch
Use the included patch cords to interconnect this powerful vocoder with other
analog gear, or create unusual “cross patches,” allowing you to select any
frequency range of the Program and impose those characteristics upon any
frequency range of the Carrier.
Hiss, Buzz, and Balance

Selectable Hiss (sibilance), Buzz (plosive), and Balance controls allow you to fine
tune the fundamental details of your electronic voice.
Footswitch Operation
The Sample/Hold, External Patch, and effect Status parameters may be remotely
controlled for live performance via footswitch.

Use the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder to dial in beautiful choral accompaniments, expressive melodic voicings, and lush analog articulations. A powerful tool for analog sound design, this instrument is crafted to provide a lifetime of sonic experimentation and creative inspiration.

● Processor Type: Vocoder
● Analog/Digital: Analog
● Number of Channels: 16
● Form: Desktop and Rackmountable
● Effects: Vocoder with Sample/Hold, External Patch, Hiss & Buzz
● Analog Inputs: x1 Carrier Audio, x1 Program Audio, x16 Filter Band CV, x3
Footswitchable (Sample/Hold, Patch Select, Bypass)
● Analog Outputs: x1 Main Output Audio, 16x Filter Band CV
● Power Source: External power supply, 120/240 VAC input, 12VDC @ 3A output
● Power Usage: 16W at 12VDC
● Height: 7”
● Depth: 15.31”
● Width: 17.34”
● Weight: ~17.5lbs

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