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Moogerfooger MF-103 12-Stage Phaser


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All Analog 6 & 12-Stage Phaser with a wide-range LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). Its professional studio features include true 12-stage phasing (usually available only in expensive studio gear), an audio input which accepts any instrument-level or line-level signal, stereo audio outputs, and voltage control of all four performance parameters. Housed in a rugged steel and hardwood enclosure, the MF-103 has the classic good looks, versatility, and high quality sound of the well-known vintage MOOG ル synthesizers.

  • Wide-range VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with speeds between 1 cycle per minute to 250 cycles per second
  • SWEEP control moves the phaser's center frequency range 6 octaves
  • RESONANCE control adjusts the ムdepthメ of the phaser effect
  • 6-STAGE / 12-STAGE switch selects the phaser mode
  • DRIVE control matches the level of any instrument or other device to the phaser input
  • OUTPUT LEVEL control balances the loudnesses of the phaser with the bypassed signal
  • 3-color LEVEL LED tells when the DRIVE adjustment is set correctly
  • LFO LED gives a visual indication of the LFO speed
  • 2-color BYPASS LED tells whether the phaser function is active or bypassed
  • Rugged-but-smooth-acting stomp switch enables you to switch the phaser in or out at the touch of your foot or finger
  • 1/4" AUX OUT jack gives you a stereo output
  • 1/4" LFO OUT jack is the LFO waveform that you can use with other voltage-controlled devices
  • 1/4" input jacks (4) for controlling RATE, AMOUNT, SWEEP, and RESONANCE with an expression pedal (such as the moogerfooger EP-1)
  • 1/4" SWEEP IN input lets you disconnect the LFO from part of the phase-shifting circuitry, and connect an external control voltage in its place
  • You can apply control voltages from modular synthesizers, MIDI-to-CV converters, or other Moogerfoogers. This means that you can ムplayメ your phaser from the front panel performance controls, expression pedals, and/or any other externally-applied control voltages

Here are some MF-103 sound clips:

Track 1

Track 2

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