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Nord Electro 2 Sixty One


  • $ 1,09900

This 61-note keyboard is in excellent condition. It delivers astounding reproductions of classic electromechanical keyboards. Back in the day, you needed a forklift to get the originals up on stage, but the Nord Electro lets you take those keyboards with you anywhere. The sounds themselves may be larger-than-life, but the Nord Electro is compact and portable, making it ideal for live performances. And behind the sounds - so authentic you'll turn a whiter shade of pale - the Nord Electro is packed with all the modern conveniences and features that you've come to expect from Nord keyboards.

There are essentially two sections in the Nord Electro, an organ section and an electric piano section. The organ in Nord Electro emulates the legendary B3 perfectly, while the piano section comprises four carefully multi-sampled electric piano instruments: Rhodes Mk II Stage Piano, Wurlitzer 200A, Clavinet D6 and CP-80 Electric Grand.

The Electro also sports a USB interface for quick and easy download of new piano sounds in the future.

Nord Electro Features:

    Organ section
  • 9 electric drawbars with memory functionality
  • Drawbar settings presets: 9 drawbar presets in ROM and 9 user configurable drawbar settings
  • Effects: Swell (the characteristic B-3 volume pedal function) - Percussion (2nd, 3rd, normal/soft, fast/slow) - Chorus/Vibrato (C1, C2, C3/V1, V2, V3).
  • Keyboard Split: Makes it possible to play an organ sound with two different drawbar settings (Lower and Upper manuals) on the internal keyboard.
  • Dual manuals - MIDI Split: Nord Electro is designed to support an extra MIDI keyboard in addition to its own. This makes it possible to play the Nord Electro as a 2-manual (Lower and Upper manuals) organ with different drawbar settings for each manual
    Electric piano section
  • Instruments: 4 multi-sampled electric piano instruments in Flash memory: Rhodes Mk II Stage Piano, Wurlitzer 200A, Clavinet D6 and CP-80 Electric Grand.
  • Effects: Presence (EQ featuring Frequency and Amount controls)

Global features:

  • Memory: 48 user memory locations (6 Banks holding 8 Programs each) in which you can store complete setups, including instrument settings (organ or piano) and effects settings.
  • Effects:Overdrive, Rotary Speaker simulation (slow, fast, stop), Equalizer, Chorus (2 types), Flanger (2 types), Phaser (2 types), Tremolo, Wah-Wah (2 types), Auto Wah, Auto panning and Ring modulation. Keyboard: 61-key (5 octaves)