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Overdrive - Big City Edition


  • $ 24900

BCM is proud to offer an exclusive Big City Music modded edition with added gain on the boost switch!

What does this pedal sound like at maximum Overdrive? Think 1960's Pete Townsend slamming into those Hi-Watt stacks - Crunch City!

Rock Solid Foundation

Greedtone was founded in 1992 by professional audio engineer Greg Williamson. Greg's main goal was to solve two common problems not addressed by other overdrive and distortion pedal manufacturers. "Most overdrive and distortion pedals just turn into white noise when you crank up the distortion, dropping the low end altogether, and just throwing a buzz over your highs.", Greg says. "Second, if they have any low end at all, it's usually pretty darn sloppy."

Not one to settle for second best, Greg set out on a relentless pursuit to achieve distortion pedal perfection. After years of tinkering, testing and research, he created what is today known as the Greedtone Overdrive pedal.

Loads of Gain / Better Sound

The Greedtone has so much gain, you can use it to drive a tube amp to pieces! Its neutral sound makes it the perfect choice for guitar, bass, and keyboard players, even if you just use it as a volume, gain or tone booster. It'll fill out your lows and highs alike, creating a much better, and tighter sound than anything you've ever heard before! The Greedtone Overdrive pedal is an absolutely rock solid effects pedal, designed and built by a true professional - for professionals.

Hand-Built to Perfection

The Greedtone Overdrive Pedal is used by guitar, bass, and keyboard players all over the world. All Greedtone pedals are hand-built at The Bionic Ear factory in Seattle, Washington in very limited numbers!

True Pedigree

As of July 1, 2006, only 189 Greedtone Overdrive pedals that have ever been made! All are prized collector's items.

Of the original pedals there are 5 orange, 10 black double-stomp' style, 20 silver (aluminum) without the logo screen, and 83 silver (aluminum) with the Greedtone logo silk-screened on them. The newer Greedtones are silver (aluminum), with the newest of the new being a 'double-stomp' style, configured 'sideways' to the original. All new Greedtone Overdrive Pedals have the Greedtone logo printed on them.

The Greedtone Overdrive pedal was introduced to the world by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready on the 'Riot Act' album.
  • True-Bypass
  • Built-In Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • 3-Color, Dual LED Switch Indicators
  • Dual Stomp Switches (on/off -- more/less)
  • Fully Adjustable Volume and Gain
  • 100% Lead-Free Silver Solder
  • Silver Mica Caps (for cleaner highs)
  • Built-In 9V DC Battery Back-Up Connection
  • Locking 9V-AC Power Jack (twist-lock)
  • Ultra Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Long Lasting High Quality Pots
  • Solid Chromed-Brass Knurled Knobs (w/pos. indicators)
  • Hand-Wired Using Mogami Cable

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