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Poly Evolver PE Keyboard (N.O.S.)

Dave Smith Instruments

  • $ 3,29900

The Dave Smith Instrument Poly Evolver Keyboard has been out of production for awhile, but this is a brand-new-in-the-sealed-box unit!


The Poly Evolver PE Keyboard has 4 voices, each a complete Evolver identical to the mono Evolver and Poly Evolver rack. This PE version is made with good old "pots" instead of encoders, which have been far more reliable. If you want more voices, simply chain Poly Racks using the dedicated poly chain MIDI output. Specs are bascially the same as the Poly Evolver rack, i.e. 512 Programs, 384 Combos, etc. Of course, there's the 78 knobs, 58 switches, blinking LFO and sequence blue LEDS, and backlit wheels that make this instrument scream "tweak me!" This ain't no virtual synth...

The following specs are for one of the four voices, so multiply everything times 4:

  • Four oscillators in total: two analog, two digital
  • Analog Oscillator waveshape are Sawtooth, Triangle, Saw-Triangle, and Pulse (with voltage-controlled analog Pulse-Width modulation)
  • Digital Oscillators select from 96 wavetables from the Prophet-VS (128 words x 12 bits), and 32 user-loadable (via MIDI) Wavetables (128 words x 16 bits). The Digital Oscillators get trashy as the frequency gets higher, as with the original VS.
  • Hard Sync on the analog oscillators
  • FM and Ring Mod on the digital oscillators
  • Separate Glide per oscillator, with two glide modes
  • Real voltage-controlled Curtis analog lowpass filters - not digital recreations. 4-pole/2-pole switchable, fully resonant (in 4-pole mode). There are two separate filters, one for the left channel and one for the right for a true stereo signal path.
  • Analog Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA), again one for each channel.
  • Dual digital 4-pole Highpass filters (one per channel); place before or after analog electronics.
  • Stereo audio inputs; Noise generator
  • Envelope Follower and Peak Detect from External Input to use as modulation sources
  • External Input can be used to gate envelopes and/or step the Sequencer
  • Three snappy ADSR envelopes
  • Four LFOs (sync with sequencer and MIDI)
  • Dual (left and right channel) tunable feedback loops; modulate frequency and amount
  • Delay with 3 taps; each with separate time and amount modulation. Syncs to sequencer/MIDI. Normal feedback and additional feedback path through analog filters
  • Distortion! Digital, one for each channel, can be placed before or after analog electronics
  • 16 x 4 Analog-style sequencer - syncs with MIDI
  • Extensive Modulation capabilities, including audio-range modulation. Bipolar (+/-) modulation.

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