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PRO 2000 mk2 MIDI to CV converter


  • $ 41500

In order to control pre-MIDI synthesizers from a modern MIDI instrument or sequencer, you need to change the digital MIDI messages into the kind of signals the pre-MIDI synth can understand.

* Designed to control all types of mono-synth
* Super-fast response time
* Famous Kenton build quality
* Rugged steel case
* Main CV outputs have high specification 16 bit D/A converters for rock-steady pitches
* Auxiliary outputs have 12 bit D/A converters
* Mains powered - internally selectable 230/115 volts (IEC socket on back panel)
* Units are shipped pre-set to the correct voltage for your country
* 16x2 Character LCD display
* 24 memory locations for setups
* MIDI IN socket
* MIDI OUT socket (for MIDI channel filter and SysEx dumps)
* MIDI THRU socket
* DIN SYNC 24 socket
* Clock output with selectable 1 to 12 cpqn plus 24 and 48 cpqn modes
* Any MIDI channel can be selected for any output
* Two completely independent main CV outputs
* Main CV outputs switchable for V/oct & Hz/V & 1.2V/oct scaling systems
* Fine tune & scale are software controllable
* Transpose (coarse tune) - up & down 12 semitones
* Adjustable pitchbend range +/- 12 semitones
* Programmable Gate V-trig (up to 15v) or S-trig (with or without pull-up)
* Multiple and single trigger modes
* Note priority selection - newest / lowest / highest
* Old notes are remembered to facilitate trill effects and increase playability
* Portamento on main CV outputs
* Auto Portamento mode selectable on main CVs (where legato playing turns on Portamento)
* Two different types of Portamento are selectable (fixed rate / fixed time)
* Portamento Controllers are selectable
* 6 Programmable Auxilary outputs controllable by any MIDI controller on any MIDI channel
* 2 Programmable and independant LFOs - each with 9 wave shapes including random
* LFO can modulate pitch &/or AUX outputs
* Separate Controllers for LFO to CV and LFO to AUXes
* LFOs can be synchronised to MIDI clock
* Channel filter to 'channelise' an 'omni-on' synth
* Polyphonic operation selectable with 3 note assignment types
* All parameters are controllable in real-time by SysEx
* SysEx dump and load of current program and any memory
* Set-up are stored in non-volatile memory for easy recall
* MIDI monitor mode - for easy MIDI troubleshooting
* Optional add-on port for KADI on its own MIDI channel

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