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R-60 Self-Tuning MIDI-CV Interface


  • $ 39900

What the R-60 does:
  • Tunes from C1 (32.7 Hz) to C5 (1056 Hz) typical. Maximum tuning range will vary with the VCO and other system details. Expect about 2 to 4 octaves with your Metasonix oscillators. The R-60 does not care if the VCO is Hz/V or V/octaveラif the VCO waveform is stable, the R-60 will attempt to set its internal tuning table to equal tempering over the maximum possible range.

  • There is a short delay between receiving the MIDI note message and setting the output CVx. The pitch change time of the connected VCO differs for every VCO, and can range from 1 ms to 20 ms. The delay is due to the VCO's inherent pitch-chaznge delay, and is not due to the R-60 (which responds in less than 1 ms).

  • The R-60 is monophonic on the last MIDI channel set. Channel 1 is the default on a new R-60 or after a hard reset.

  • Stores the last tuned CV scaling table in non-volatile memory.

  • 10 note buffer/memory.

  • +5v Gate out that follows MIDI keydown/keyup messages.

  • The R60 has a モsmartヤ learn mode for a new MIDI channel. Just press the Learn button on the R-60 briefly, then any key on the keyboard controller. That received MIDI keydown message sets the R-60's operating MIDI channel, which is stored permanently (until a hard reset is peformed). Sending any MIDI message on the desired channel will set that MIDI channel, not just keydown. Also, if you send a MIDI keydown corresponding to a note value of モCヤ, the R-60 will set its internal lowest C note to that C, instead of the default lowest C = MIDI 24.

  • Built-in retrigger allows trills.

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