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Row Power 30


  • $ 11900

The ROW POWER is a power supply module for the Eurorack modular system. It requires a barrel-style power brick (15V to 20V DC), and supplies power to modules via flying bus cables and/or distribution (bus) boards.

Multiple ROW POWER modules can be powered from a single power brick by daisy-chaining with a short barrel cable.

ROW POWER 30 (white panel):
Recommended for a single row (up to 104HP)

  • +12V: 1.5A
  • -12V: 0.75A
  • +5V: 0.5A

    ROW POWER 40 (black panel):
    Recommended for up to two rows (up to 208HP)

  • +12V: 1.5A
  • -12V: 1.25A
  • +5V: 1.5A

    Power Brick:

  • Compatible power bricks are available wherever ROW POWER modules are sold. You also may use your own power brick if it meets the following requirements:
  • 15V to 20V DC
  • Positive center 2.1mm barrel plug
  • Minimum 30W output power
  • Low-noise output


  • Two identical barrel power jacks at top and bottom for daisy-chaining (either jack can be used for power input or chaining)
  • On/off switch
  • LEDs indicate status of each power rail (+12, -12, +5)
  • 4HP wide
  • 24mm deep (0.96ヤ), up to 28mm (1.1ヤ) with power cable
  • For use with flying bus cables, passive distribution boards (for example, the 4ms Bus Stick)

    ROW POWER can be used with either flying bus cable(s) or a distribution board such as the 4ms Bus Stick. You also may choose to use a distribution board and one flying bus cable.

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