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RS-260 Voltage Quantizer

RS-260 Voltage Quantizer

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IMPORTANT: Analogue Systems modules have their own power cable that may or may not be compatible with your eurorack case.  Click this link for an installation guide.

Chromatic Semitone Voltage Quantizer

  • 6 hp
  • 3.5 inches Depth
  • 55 mA +/-12V

The RS-260 incorporates software that ensures glitch-free transitions between quantized notes. It also offers two operational modes. Free Run shifts the CV every time it changes enough to move from one semitone to another, whereas Gate requires a pulse to tell the device when to determine the next note. Gate is particularly useful because it means that you can clock the output for advanced rhythmic and polyrhythmic effects.

CV Inputs: V-IN 1 and V-IN 2

Any two voltages in the range 0v to +5v presented to the V-IN 1 and V-IN 2 inputs are summed linearly by an internal mixer. The summed voltage will also lie within the range 0v to +5v, giving a maximum quantized range of 5 octaves.

TRANS (Transpose) IN
A voltage applied at TRANS IN will be added to the summed voltages from V-IN 1 and V-IN 2. This will transpose the output up or down allowing you, for example, to transpose all the notes in a sequence passing through the Quantizer.

You can apply a fixed transposition (offset) of up to 2 octaves to the output. This is applied at the output so it is not quantized, and is normally used for fine-tuning purposes.

Mode Select Switch
There are two operational modes, selected using the FREE RUN/GATE switch.

In Free Run, the RS260 outputs a new CV every time the mixed input CV changes enough to move from one semitone to another.

In Gated mode, the RS260 requires a pulse to tell the device when to determine the next note.

If the Quantizer is in GATE mode, you must apply a Gate pulse in the range +1v to +20v to this input to cause it to determine the output voltage. The output is determined on the positive-going edge of the pulse, and will be held until the next positive-going pulse is received. The GATE IN LED will light when a suitable pulse is detected at the GATE IN.

A +10v trigger pulse is output every time the output voltage shifts. In FREE RUN mode the timing of this trigger will be determined by the voltages received at V-IN 1 and V-IN 2. In GATED mode, the output trigger will echo the pulses received at the GATE IN. The TRIG OUT LED will light each time a trigger is output.

You can use this trigger to perform tasks such as clocking a sequencer, or triggering an envelope generator so that each new note is articulated independently of previous notes.

There is a single output that carries the quantized CV.

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