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rs310 Reverb / Chorus

Analogue Systems

  • $ 22900

The rs310 is a complex BBD (bucket brigade device) analogue delay line with variable feedback. Unlike the simpler BBDs found in other delays and comb filters, it incorporates six unrelated "taps" at quasi-random delay points and with differing output levels. This means that an impulse applied to the input will result in at least six discrete outputs in addition to the "dry" signal.

In normal use, the master clock runs at speeds exceeding 10kHz, and a low-pass filter ensures that clock noise is not presented to the output. However, you can extend the delay time using CVs and the clock will then stray down into audible frequencies. You should then use an external filter to remove the clock noise. Alternatively, you can use the clock as an additional, albeit unusual, sound generation mechanism.

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