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RS-600 Performance Wheels

RS-600 Performance Wheels

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IMPORTANT: Analogue Systems modules have their own power cable that may or may not be compatible with your eurorack case.  Click this link for an installation guide.

Modular Controllers

  • 12 hp
  • 2.5 inches Depth
  • 70 mA +/-12V

The Analogue Systems rs600 'Performance Wheels' module is a nice alternative to rs220 Joystick Controller for the Demon or Sorcerer keyboard. The rs600 can also be used as a module in its own right in any Eurorack modular setup.

Clear backlit wheels change color as they are moved while the modulation wheel LED changes in intensity as it is moved showing the internal LFO frequency.

There are 3 outputs: 'Bend Out', 'Mix Out' and 'Mod Out', as well as 'Ext In'.

The user can introduce audio or external CV sources into 'Ext In' and this source can be introduced via the mod wheel with the internal VCA. There are 2 knobs which provide 'Depth' of bend and 'Frequency' of modulation respectively.

Stunningly beautiful, multi-functional performance wheels with built-in LFO.


The rs600 uses two high quality potentiometers to provide smooth control of voltage leveles. It incorporates an internal LFO which trigger lights behind the clear acrylic wheels, giving visual feedback of the LFO speed.


At its zero extreme (illuminated in blue) the MOD wheel fully attenuates the signal generated by the internal LFO or presented to the EXT IN socket. At its positive extreme (illuminated in green) it passes signal with a maximum amplitude of approximately +3 volts.


Determines the rate of the internal LFO, in the range of 0.15Hz - 45Hz. The internal LFO frequency is displayed by the flashing MOD wheel.


Accepts an audio signal or CV. Inserting a cable into the EXT IN socket disconnects the internal LFO from the module outputs.


Outputs either the signal presented to the EXT IN or that generated by the internal LFO after attenuation by the MOD wheel.


At its negative extreme (illuminated in blue) a minimum DC voltage of -4.5 volts is generated. At its positive extreme (illuminated in red) a mximum DC voltage of +4.5 volts is generated.

DEPTH control

Determines the range of DC voltages generated by the BEND wheel. At its minimum setting, no voltage is generated at any position of the BEND wheel.


Outputs a DC voltage determined by the position of the BEND wheel and DEPTH control. The range is +/-2 volts.


Outputs the sum of the BEND OUT (in a increased range +/-4.5v DC) and the MOD OUT (in the range 0v to +2.5v AC). This allows the user to introduce DC offsets to other CV's and audio signals. One use of this would be to generate the positive-only vibrato of a guitar.

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