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RUDE Boy Version 2.0

Dirty Boy

  • $ 85000

New RUDE BOY Version 2.0

The Dirty Boy is Alex Saraceno's exact clone of the famous Univox Super-Fuzz. There are only a handful (less than 10) of these in existence. Alex sold one to us in 2008 and said he probably would not make any more at the time. He said the parts were difficult to locate, and that building it was really a pain. We begged him to make more and a year later we have a few.

The RUDE BOY has 2 modes: The Scooped-mids setting delivers a very fat low end, ala Black Sabbath, while the Boosted-mids setting sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin. Both modes are KILLER.

There is a Drive control which sets the amount of overdrive and a Level control which controls the volume. The RUDE BOY is truly an amazing pedal!

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