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Schmidt Synthesizer


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It's the Schmidt!, a no compromise analog 8-voice polyphonic synth.

Nearly every product in our world of today is developed with commercial viability and market value in mind. Inevitably, these products are never as good as they could have been. Schmidt is quite unique and has been created without compromise.

Schmidt is the dream come true for an engineer dedicated to sound, conceived and perfected in close collaboration with musicians and music producers, brought to life in the most uncompromising way imaginable.

Perfection is not just a word: The sound of Schmidt is simply unique, as are its user interface and build quality ヨ a bold statement against the fast-paced and superficial age we live in.

Schmidt is a thoroughbred analog eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer with true multitimbrality. It sports full MIDI implementation and programmability.

Schmidtᄡs sound generation engine features virtually everything that subtractive synthesis is endowed with and more. Schmidt gives you additional features that have never been implemented in a fully analog synthesizer before, features that are truly unique to Schmidt. Picture multiple pulsewidth modulation and multiple ringmodulators for starters.

Every single parameter, even for the most complex modulation routings you might envisage, can be accessed directly using dedicated frontpanel controls and switches. No more browsing through mind-boggling and confusing menus. Instant tweaking heaven!

Schmidt is crafted to match the highest production standards. It is entirely hand-made in Germany. The casing, made of carefully selected wood and metal, is as beautiful as it is sturdy and reliable. Every Schmidt is carefully assembled and tested by Stefan Schmidt himself.

General specifications:

  • Eight-voice polyphonic, true analogue synthesizer with digital control and preset memories
  • 61 keys, semi-weighted, with aftertouch and velocity
  • Multitimbral (eight parts)
  • Separate outputs for each voice, plus summing outputs and headphone output
  • Advanced performance controllers freely programmable per preset (joystick, pitch- and modwheel, pedal inputs)
  • 1,028 single sound presets
  • 256 multi sound presets
  • Complete MIDI implementation, MIDI via USB
  • Sophisticated glide and portamento capabilities
  • All sound programming functions feature dedicated front panel controls and switches
  • Precise information about parameter names and current values via large LC-display
  • Multi-color LEDs and display
  • Control panel with adjustable angle
  • Internal universal power supply
  • ATA flight case included

    Specifications per voice:

  • Real analogue signal path with digital control for most precise tuning and modulation
  • Two parallel signal paths within each voice for most complex and dynamic timbres
  • Four different oscillators per voice with countless outstanding and complementary features
  • Classic basic waveforms (square, sawtooth, noise) and modulation routings (PWM, sync, ringmodulation, FM) as well as advanced modulation routings including ヤmultiple PWMヤ and ヤmultiple ringmodヤ to create most complex timbres on oscilator level
  • Two real analogue 24dB Moog-style ladder filters
  • Four 12dB multimode filters (dual filters)
  • Filters can be combined in very flexible ways in order to create a great variety of different characteristics
  • Additional 12 dB lowpass filter phattens up things even more.
  • Dedicated modulation sources (LFOs, envelopes) for oscillators, filters, and VCAs
  • Level and panning modulations provide dynamic mixing, blending and stereo panning within each voice

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