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Semaphore Tremolo American Edition


  • $ 20995

The Semaphore Tremolo Delivers classic tremolo sounds from the smooth and buttery coaxing of vintage "harmonic vibrato" to more modern aggressive hard chop "repeat percussion". There are of course plenty of nontraditional trem-based sounds too - pulses, swells, blips, & surf amplitude modulation can all be found inside. It wouldn't be a Catalinbread pedal if it didnメt do some weird stuff too, right? 

The Semaphore doesn't color your tone, what you put in is what comes out ヨ and since it is analog there is none of the sterile, fake digital clang you get from the "competition". Useful, intuitive features with clear benefits that is what this pedal is all about. We kept it simple and easy to use with a minimum of tweaking required to find what you're looking for.

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