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SN-U110 Expansion Cards (complete set of 15)


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This is the complete set of all 15 SN-U110 expansion cards in original boxes.


SN-U110-01: Pipe Organ and Harpsichord   

6 harpsichords

6 standard organs

8 church organs

Roland SN-U110-01 Expansion Card


SN-U110-02: Latin & FX Percussion

3 Latin Setups

4 Special Effects Setups

26 Latin percussions

19 F.X. percussions

Roland SN-U110-02 Expansion Card


SN-U110-03: Ethnic

6 tablas

3 tsuzumis

1 hyoshigis

2 genders

2 sanzas

4 barafons

3 sitars

3 santurs

9 kotos

2 sicus

2 shanais

Roland SN-U110-03 Expansion Card


SN-U110-04: Electric Grand and Clavi

8 electric grand pianos

4 clavis

Roland SN-U110-04 Expansion Card


SN-U110-05: Orchestral Strings

3 violins

3 cellos

1 cello/violin

1 contrabass/cello

1 pizzicato

2 harps

Roland SN-U110-05 Expansion Card


SN-U110-06: Orchestral Winds

6 oboes

5 bassoons

6 clarinets

5 bass clarinets

6 French horns

5 tubas

2 timpani

Roland SN-U110-06 Expansion Card


SN-U110-07: Electric Guitar

15 jazz guitars

27 overdrive guitars

28 distortion guitars

1 pick harmonic

Roland SN-U110-07 Expansion Card


SN-U110-08: Synthesizer

These sounds are part of the U-20, U-220, and D-70 internal ROM.

28 synth sounds

Roland SN-U110-08 Expansion Card


SN-U110-09: Guitar and Keyboards

These sounds are part of the U-20, U-220, and D-70 internal ROM.

2 electric pianos

2 synth vox

5 synth bass

2 electric guitars

1 strings

2 synth brass

2 rock organs

Roland SN-U110-09 Expansion Card


SN-U110-10: Rock Drums

This card is not compatible with the D-70.

Contains 2 kits: rock drums and electronic drums.

33 rock drum sounds

17 electronic drum sounds

Roland SN-U110-10 Expansion Card


SN-U110-11: Sound Effects

34 sound effects

Roland SN-U110-11 Expansion Card


SN-U110-12: Sax & Trombone

10 saxophones

10 trombones

Roland SN-U110-12 Expansion Card


SN-U110-13: Super Strings

These sounds are from the Roland JV-80.

12 strings

Roland SN-U110-13 Expansion Card


SN-U110-14: Super Ac Guitar

These sounds are from the Roland JV-80.

6 steel guitars

6 nylon guitars

5 12-string guitars

1 harmonics tone

1 fret noise

Roland SN-U110-14 Expansion Card


SN-U110-15: Super Brass

These sounds are from the Roland JV-80.

3 hi brasses

3 lo brasses

7 brass combos

Roland SN-U110-15 Expansion Card


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