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Sound of Shadows v1.0 - SoS-E

Flight of Harmony

  • $ 19500

The Sound of Shadows (SoS) is a voltage-controlled (VC) digital delay module based around the PT2399 echo IC1 from Princeton Technology – which was, by the way, originally designed for Karaoke equipment.

The SoS is essentially two separate modules: a delay and a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA). The focus of the SoS was the delay while the VCA was thrown in because half of an LM13700 IC was unused, so the VCA is very basic.

As with all Flight Of Harmony products, the SoS was engineered towards maximizing functionality while keeping the cost as low as possible. If some aspects of the unit seem awkward, it is most likely due to this. The goal was to make a unique, useful, enjoyable and affordable instrument.

And remember: every instrument has its quirks and unexpected aspects. Reading the manual all the way through is highly recommended.

Supply voltage: ᄆ12v DC
Supply current (max draw @ ᄆ12v): +12v: 51ma / -12v: -21ma
Max. input voltage (@ ᄆ12v): 10v p-p
Max. output voltage: 6v p-p
Input & ouput (i/o): coupling direct*
Control voltage (CV) inputs: ᄆv supply
CV input coupling: direct
CV input impedance: 100k
Mounting depth: 50mm (~2")

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