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Spring Fever Reverb

ToneCandy Effects

  • $ 27500


The Spring Fever Pedal is reminiscent of a vintage tube, long spring reverb unit with three easy to use controls. It has 3 analog amplifers. One for the dry guitar signal, one in front of the spring module to warm it up, and an analog amplifier on the output to warm it up again.
  • Volume Control - This is a transparent line boost that can give more gain if desired that works well as an end of a chain boost
  • Reverb - It works like a dwell control that puts more signal to the spring simulator
  • Mix - Mixes the wet and dry signal
  • Power - 9-volt center pin ground input jack 2.1mm
    It is not recommended to use the Boss PSA-120s power supply. The Spring Fever pedal may not match up and operate as well with this power supply. - All power supplies are not created equal. You must use a quality regulated DC 9 volt (negative center pin) power supply for quiet operation. An isolated ground supply like Voodoo Labs is even better. Some power supplies add excess noise and high pitch oscillation with ToneCandy pedals. This is not coming from the pedal. It is from the power supply. You will not notice it as much on an overdrive pedal because it is already producing distortion that can cover up noise.
    We have had success with these Power supplies:
    1. Any Voodoo Labs power supply.
    2. Godlyke PA-9S-US Power-All 9V Digital Power Supply works well.
    3. Onespot power supply.
    4. Danelectro Da-1 ac adaptor.
  • Circuit Board - Double sided epoxy laminate board with identical traces on both sides to insure a solid connection. Made in the USA
  • On/Off True Bypass Foot Switch - Top quality switch with independent LED circuit that is not in the signal path so it will not suck tone
  • Top Quality Parts - Metal case, metal Switchcraft jacks, and metal potentiometers. Almost bullet proof
  • Hand Crafted - Each pedal is made in the USA and hand soldered with pre-tested top quality components for long lasting durability. No machines are used in the assembly process and every step of construction is inspected thoroughly

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