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Super FatMan Envelope Filter


  • $ 27900


The new Super FatMan is the evolution of the FatMan envelope filter with the features that filter geeks want most. This is the end all envelope filter pedal.

  • Fat & Warm Pure Analog Circuitry
  • 12 Filter Frequency Ranges
  • Tweakable Filter Feedback
  • LP/BP/HP Filter Modes
  • Reverse Sweep
  • Tweakable Attack Speed
  • 07 to 8 Hz Tri/Square LFO
  • CV/Expression Pedal Input
  • CV/LFO blendable with envelope
  • RGB LED shows ENV and LFO
  • Wet/Dry blend in or out of phase
  • Hot annodize and epoxy paint
  • Standard 9V Power Jack (PSU not included)

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