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Sweet Drive

ToneCandy Effects

  • $ 27500


This is our biggest selling overdrive pedal. We let players try it out at 2 vintage guitar shows and got 100% approval from everyone. This pedal can go from very low to a medium high sweet singing distortion. This pedal really defines the notes being played and is very touch sensitive. It has a dark voicing that enhances the mid-low frequencies like an old class A amplifier, perfect for fattening up combo amps. We have also added a Bright Boost switch to deliver even more tone variations. We have gig tested this pedal for 6 months. It sounds the same at gig volume as it does in a small room at low volume. You will love this pedal!

Hear Sound Samples:
    Sweet Drive Pedal with Mesa Boogie Amp - MP3 - 3.6mb
    The controls were set at about 12 o'clock and the treble at about 1 o'clock with the bright switch on. This is the mid point of the pedal. At the very end of the solo, the Intensity and O-Drive controls were turned up full to show its maximum gain. We used a Mesa Boogie amp with a single EV speaker. Performed by music instructor and performing artist Bill Decker from San Francisco North Bay.

    Sweet Drive Pedal with Marshall Amp - MP3 - 2.2mb
    The controls were set at about 12 o'clock and the treble at about 1 o'clock with the bright switch off. This is the mid point of the pedal. We used a Marshall amp with a single Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. Performed by Mike Marino.

    Sweet Drive Jazz Sample MP3 - 3,7mb
    This sample shows how versatile the Sweet Drive can be. The Tone was set on full with the Intensity and O-Drive controls set at about 10 o'clock with the bright switch off. Here is Neal Harris playing a jazz number called Hop Jazzᄅ.

  • Volume and Tone Controls - Controls the overall volume and tone without loosing fatness when at lower volume
  • O-Drive Control - Adds desired amount of distortion
  • Intensity Control - Adds more tone shaping
  • Bright Boost Switch - This enables the pedal to deliver even more tone variations
  • Foot Switch - True Bypass
  • LED - LED circuit that is not in the signal path so it will not suck tone
  • Power - 9-volt DC battery or input jack 2.1mm
  • Circuit Board - Double sided epoxy laminate board with identical traces on both sides to insure a solid connection. Made in the USA
  • Top Quality Parts - Metal case, metal Switchcraft jacks, and metal potentiometers. Almost bullet proof
  • Amp Like Sensitivity - All ToneCandy pedals have amp like touch sensitivity and they clean up when you turn down your guitar volume control
  • Hand Crafted - Each pedal is hand soldered with pre-tested top quality components for long lasting durability. No machines are used in the assembly process and every step of construction is inspected thoroughly
The pedal circuit is a 3 stage class A analog preamp using discrete components. There are no digital chips or opamps in this circuit. I use top quality FET transistors, capacitors and resistors to shape the tone for each preamp stage.

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