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Synthesizer Box

Pittsburgh Modular

  • $ 33900

Complete, Fully Patchable, 2nd Generation Semi-Modular Synthesizer Voice

Wired for instant access to classic tones without needing a single patch cable, the Synthesizer Box is a modern, complete semi-modular, monophonic synthesizer module. The Synthesizer Box is 100% analog and 100% Eurorack compatible with a complete set of patch points able to override the internal audio and CV signal paths.

The Synthesizer Box was designed to be the core of any modular system. Each major component is fully patchable and can function independent to the rest of the module. This allows the functionality of the Waveforms Oscillator, Lopass Gate, LFO, Envelope Generator, and VCA to be broken apart and used like standalone modules.
  • Full Range, Complex Waveform Oscillator
  • Oscillator Waveform Mixer
  • Voltage Controlled Multi-Mode Lowpass Gate
  • Wide Range Low Frequency Oscillator
  • Glide Control for Portamento Effects
  • ADSR Envelope Generator
  • High Quality, Linear Response, Voltage Controlled Amplifier

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