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Tiny Orange Phaser

Mad Professor

  • $ 39800

Unlike most vintage phasers the Tiny Orange Phaser is especially tuned for electric guitar.

The tone is very musical and balanced thanks to carefully hand matched parts in the circuit. With the three controls you can fine-tune the phaser effect to your taste.

Speed control sets the modulation speed and Resonance adjust the tone of the effect, making it sharper when increased.

The Mix control works in an unique way and at 12 oメclock it disables the phasing effect.

If you turn the Mix control CCW (left) you will get a deep phasing effect. CW rotation (right) will adjust a lighter phasing effect.

The Mix control is the key for setting phaser tone from mild into deep effect.

Speed range and amplitude of the internal oscillator are set to allow high phaser speeds without getting erratic.

You can find classic phasing sounds at about 12 oメclock Speed setting, the lower settings produce a nice floating モVibeヤ-type of sound.

Like all Mad Professor pedals TOP is hand made in Finland using only premium components, to give years of trouble free operation with superb musical tone.

SPEED: controls the speed of modulation
RESONANCE: sets the resonance (tone) of the effect
MIX: no effect at 12 oメclock, CW and CWW settings controls the depth of two different phase tones

Supply voltage range: 8 to 10VDC
Current consumption at 9VDC: 26mA
Input inpedance: Ohm's
Output impedance: 1K Ohm's
Complete bypass (true bypass)

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