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Dirty Boy

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Dirty Boy pedals are designed and built by Alex Saraceno, Blues Saraceno's father. Here is a word from Alex:

"Over the past few years, we have received countless requests from our hardcore fans for me to build them "Dirty Boy" amplifiers. Those amps were specifically designed for live performances. They were very costly and time consuming to build, since they operate on a different system that required seven separate transformers. I could not spend the time to build them and Blues' fans could not afford the production costs.

Now that Blues is concentrating on doing T.V., Film, and recording sessions, he has switched to using smaller studio type amps. WHOA, What about his killer tone?

Well, the solution to that is simple. He has been using several pedals (Stomp Boxes if you wish) that I designed for him to address just that. And good news... I can build enough to satisfy his hardcore fans that just need to have that tone, at a fraction of the price of what a "Dirty Boy" amp would cost.

What is cool is that you get to keep your current set up as well!

Ok all you Bass Players, Alex has not forgotten about you. There seemed to be a hole in the marketplace for effects designed for the bass players (just like at one time there wasn't much available for left-handed players). Hence, Alex created the Bass Bully.

To begin with, the Bass Bully has an EQ circuit which is superior to the circuit included in most bass guitars. Most basses have a capacitor to ground for tone control. This EQ is based on a blend of capacitance, and that alone is worth the cost of admission.

The first position on the pedal is a Boost Feature. It does just that, boosts your signal and adds a GLOW to your sound. This circuit is based on an INDUCTOR circuit like wah pedals have. It is very cool (also worth the cost of admission)!

The 2nd position on the pedal is a simple Fuzz. It is incredibly smooth and actually amazing since most of you know how difficult is is to fuzz a bass signal. Bass players have been forced to use guitar pedals, but now the BASS BULLY has arrived!

The third position is like using 2 pedals in one. One is the Bass Boost, the other the Bass Fuzz. They are wired in series, so the signal will go through the boost before getting to the fuzz so you can blend the two. Why you ask add a boost and a fuzz? Well, if you want that totally over the top, Farty 60's Sly and the Family Stone sound, there it is... You will have tons of fun with this pedal and it is beyond belief in the studio!

1. Tone Bully Bullybop

2. Tone Bully Sustainer Only

3. Tone Bully Sustainer w/Booster Hi

4. Tone Bully Sustainer w/Booster Lo

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