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Triwave Picogenerator - ESSENTIAL


  • $ 44000

This is the "Essential" Triwave Picogenerator with triggered ring mod and custom purple artwork.

Two tone generators (VCO's), each with:
Pitch: center frequency from rumbling low to hissing high
Tone: select harsh square-wave or smooth triangle-wave

Three LFO's (low frequency oscillators), each with:
Speed: rate of change of each pitch channel
Depths (2 knobs per LFO): Amount of pitch modulation on each VCO

Mix: blend between tone channels
Volume: output level
Waveshaper: (3 knobs) blend each LFO from square to triangle
Symmetry: blend each LFO from sawtooth ramp-up to triangle to sawtooth ramp-down, or variable duty-cycle rectangle wave, a knob per LFO
Ring mod: adds an input jack and sensitivity control for ring modulation effect
Dual cross modulation: (2 knobs) frequency modulate each channel with the other

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